Salty Stitches Reel Monster© sticker

Reel Monster


The Salty Stitches Reel Monster© is one of Reel Monsters #1 selling fishing stickers on the internet.

Anchor your passion for the open seas with the 'Salty Stitches Sticker,' your personal crest in the world of angling. This full-color, die-cut marvel is not just a sticker; it's a symbol of the lure of the ocean and the thrill of a catch illuminated under the majestic northern lights. Available from the nimble 4x4 inches for a subtle nod to your favorite pastime, scaling up to an imposing 20x20 inches for an unmistakable declaration of your love for the reel, this sticker is designed to suit every surface and sensibility. Whether it's for your bumper, boat, or tackle box, choose the size that best captures your angling essence.

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