Reel Monsters Captain Jack Flag

Reel Monster


Hoist the colors high and let the spirit of the sea set you free with our Captain Jack Mascot 3x5 Flag, exclusively offered by Reel Monster Fishing! This isn't just any flag; it's a declaration of the passion that fuels every angler's heart.

At a commanding size of 3x5 feet, this flag features our iconic Captain Jack Mascot, a fearsome skull overlaid with a pirate hat, embodying the rebel spirit of the ocean's most daring adventurers.

Crafted with the fiercest anglers in mind, the old timers say that when this flag catches the wind just right, it's a symbol of your unyielding quest for the biggest catch in the sea.

The bold, dark hues and stark white lettering of 'REEL MONSTER' stand out against any backdrop, making sure your fishing allegiance is visible from afar.

Whether you're flying it on your boat, at your dock, or in your den, this flag is more than a piece of fabric; it's a testament to the thrill of the catch and the stories waiting to be told.

With a pirate's touch and a fisherman's pride, this flag is your rallying call to the deep blue. Join the ranks of the Reel Monster community with a flag that flies above the rest, and let the world know that you fish with the tenacity of Captain Jack himself!

Get ready to make waves and turn heads. With the Captain Jack Mascot 3x5 Flag, your fishing trips will be legendary. Don't just chase the adventure—claim it!

FLAGS ARE "NOT" designed for vehicle use or speeds in upwards of 20 or 30 mph. These are not vehicle flags.